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Nice to meet ,,,

If you came here, you will surely love flowers.

On my site I will try to introduce you to the wilder side of the flower's world.

Styles that come from inspirations that I have absorbed and absorb from different places in Israel and around the world (feel free to take a look at my inspiration page).

So if you have not yet fallen in love it is time.

And a little about me ...

My name is Einat, my story with flowers started somewhere at the beginning of my medical studies

And very quickly what started as a hobby grew and became today a business with a small team of talented weavers.

I invite you to wander the site, go through the various pages and collect a bouquet or two, fresh or dry,

Also check out the category of complementary products built with the intention of creating a place where you can have a perfect experience for yourself or for those you want to surprise.




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