Shipments, returns, exchanges and credits

Deliveries and delivery of products:

  On weekdays: Orders received whether by way of the website or by phone by 15:00 will be delivered on the same business day on which the transaction was made.
2. On Fridays and on the eve of a holiday: Shipments received by 12:00 Wildflower tlv does everything in its power to deliver the shipments as quickly as possible from the order, but there may be cases where the shipment will not be delivered on the day the transaction was made due to such delays (force majeure, natural hazards , Severe climatic events, road traffic disruptions, traffic jams and congestion, security incidents, lack of inventory, booking congestion during holidays, Valentine's Day and Valentine's Day). The cities that 'Wildflowertlv' makes deliveries to are the cities in the center of the country.

On holidays there is no obligation to coordinate delivery and there is no obligation for delivery time.

Warranty and Refund Policy:


We make every effort to provide quality, fresh and fresh products. "Wildflower tlv" works with quality and fresh flowers from the best nurseries, in case a customer who purchased one of our products feels that one of the products supplied came in a defective condition / malfunction in the quality of the product, please contact us by phone: 054-770-4282, or by email wildflowertlv @ gmail .com. A complaint regarding the quality / quality of the product provided will be handled as long as no more than 48 hours have passed since the product was delivered. It is then not possible to file a customer service complaint on this issue.

Cancellation of a transaction / credit of a transaction - According to the Consumer Protection Law, it is not possible to cancel a distance selling transaction for the purchase of lost goods (flowers), goods that were manufactured especially for the consumer following the transaction.
Purchasing on the site is allowed for those who have at least 18 years of age.

You can call or send WhatsApp +972-54-7704282