Willdflower Event

Our Mission

Mazel Tov!

You are towards the most exciting day in your life and we are here to make it no less perfect.

Together with you, we will choose flowers, shades, textures and tools and we will match you with the right design for a perfect concept event that suits the place, the atmosphere and the tone you have chosen, and above all, reflects exactly who you are.


How  It  Works


The big day

The big day has arrived, our weavers will come to the hall and take care of designing the event just as you dreamed down to the small details. All you have to do is relax and enjoy


Introductory meeting

We will meet for coffee in our studio, we will exchange inspirational photos and get to know you more in depth. Finally we will get together for the final design style chosen together



In the offer you will receive a breakdown of the costs, an official employment agreement as well as a breakdown of the chosen design concept, the flowers and the tools used in the event.


Open conversation

An initial introduction is made, we will discuss dry details such as location, date and number of guests. We will talk a little about design direction and we will get inspirational pictures from you.


Do you want to contact us?

You can call or send WhatsApp +972-54-7704282