ברוכים הבאים לתכנית המנויים שלנו!

Flower subscription? What do we need it for? Why subscribe and not just re-order every time?

Bottom line - it's easy, convenient, and cheaper :)

And in detail - so if you love flowers and buy flowers regularly, or just break your head every weekend how to surprise, buying a flower subscription saves you money and time every time again! The details and payment, the choice of bouquet, the address or greeting ... Do it once and let us surprise you with a special bouquet in every delivery!

A subscription to flowers, so ... what exactly is it?

Choose your style and cadence and leave the rest up to us. With a flower subscription, you'll save big and enjoy fresh flowers when you want them!

In addition, the first time the bouquet comes, a glass cylinder vase is included with it as a gift from us. You can leave this vase outside every week with a little water. So, instead of waiting at home for our delivery girl, Tamar will gently place the bouquet inside the vase and text you that the subscription has arrived.


All you have to do is choose...

The delivery day

The frequency of delivery

The favorite colors, style or flowers

The size of the bouquet